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Group Therapy


Compass Psychological Services, PLLC offers many different types of substance abuse treatment groups, all led by licensed addiction psychologists. We have groups for clients in all stages of addiction recovery (early, middle, and later stages) and those with different treatment goals– abstinence or moderation. We have groups that meet once or twice per week that can be supplemented with individual sessions. We also have special groups for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Patients here can transition between groups as their treatment needs or schedules may change. Participation in any of our groups can serve as stand-alone treatment or it can be combined with individual therapy and/or couples sessions. Group sessions are typically 75 to 90 minutes. We have afternoon groups, evening groups, and weekend groups to accommodate different schedules. We strive to match our clients to groups that best meet their treatment needs and fit into their weekly schedule. Length of participation in groups is variable and open-ended, based on clients’ rate of progress and how well the group is meeting their treatment needs.

Early Phase Recovery Groups (twice per week) Upon entering treatment, it is normal for clients to feel alone, confused, and highly ambivalent about change, especially about letting go of alcohol/drugs and avoiding “high risk” situations such as people/places associated with their prior use. The early recovery groups provide a safe nonjudgmental place to discuss and work out ambivalence and other early-stage issues, to get support and feedback from others who have established abstinence and are working through issues encountered in this stage, and to learn various coping skills and emotional regulation strategies aimed at helping them to prevent relapse and live more comfortably from day to day without relapsing to alcohol or other drug use.

Relapse Prevention Groups (once per week). These groups, designed for clients who have already completed early-phase treatment here or elsewhere, offer clients a unique opportunity to practice and refine relapse prevention skills, learn how to cope more effectively with negative emotions/moods, and improve relationship and communication skills. The group also focuses on making lifestyle changes to support ongoing recovery.

Advanced Recovery Groups. (once per week) These are open-ended psychotherapy groups for individuals in stable recovery who want to solidify their progress and address a range of psychological and emotional issues to improve quality of life and help prevent relapse over the long term. The topics of discussion in group sessions are determined by the participants themselves and may encompass a broad range of issues including self-esteem, relationships, early traumas, personal crises, career crises, and the like.

Healthcare Professionals Recovery Groups. (once per week) These groups address the unique issues faced by physicians and other caregivers seeking to overcome their own problems with alcohol or drug abuse. The greater access to controlled substances afforded to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals has contributed to increasing rates of addiction. Our specialized group provides healthcare providers with a safe, supportive, and completely confidential environment in which they can address their addiction, life stressors, and the adverse consequences of substance abuse on their livelihood and careers.

Moderation Management and Harm Reduction Groups (once per week) In addition to the abstinence-based treatment services described above, we offer the unique option of moderate management and self-control training for non-alcoholic problem drinkers who want to learn how to manage their drinking within safer limits rather than give up it up completely. This group is also for clients who want to remain abstinent from their primary substance of abuse (e.g., cocaine, opioids, etc.), but continue to drink and/or use marijuana moderately. The group provides a supportive, non-judgmental forum in which clients can explore their relationship with substances from multiple perspectives and make informed decisions about continuing, reducing, or stopping their use and/or other risky/compulsive behaviors.

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