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If you are looking for an alternative to “one size fits all” addiction treatment programs, we offer flexible treatment customized to meet your individual needs. We provide medication, therapy, or both, based on what you need and what makes the most sense. Our

substance abuse treatment approach emphasizes flexibility and choice, but above all developing a respectful therapeutic relationship with each and every client is Dr. Brottman's approach versus an aggressive confrontation, and it has proven to be an extremely effective way to motivate and empower change.

Dr. Brottman is one of the top Doctor's in Manhattan with a reputation for consistently helping patients free themselves of alcohol/drug use, develop more effective coping skills, work through underlying issues, and reduce their relapse potential over the long term–whether they are struggling with alcohol, cocaine, opioids, methamphetamine, sedatives, or a combination of substances. In addition, Dr. Brottman is a licensed Psychiatrist, with the experience required to evaluate patients and prescribe medication, when needed, for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

Dr. Brottman Treats High-Functioning Adults

Dr. Brottman's patients are professionals, executives, and other high-functioning adults with busy lifestyles and demanding careers. They are physicians, nurses, pharmacists, attorneys, accountants, corporate executives, bankers, financial managers, fashion designers, journalists, writers, entertainers, business owners, and other successful men and women. Some of his clients have struggled unsuccessfully to overcome their alcohol/drug problems on their own or with another physician. Some are here because they have not done well in standard treatment programs. Others are here because they have already completed inpatient treatment and want aftercare to help them consolidate their gains and develop a plan to continue their progress over the long term. Still, others are here to determine whether their alcohol or drug use is a “problem” and what if any treatment options are most appropriate and desirable. All of our clients are here because they receive respectful sophisticated care that meets their individual needs.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Evaluation in NYC

Your first appointment here is a confidential one-on-one consultation.  In preparation for your consultation, we will ask you to fill out our extensive New Patient Questionnaire so we can begin the evaluation process already knowing something about you, your life circumstances, the nature of the problems you are seeing help for, and what type of help you think would work best for you. The initial 

consultation is a unique opportunity not only for us to acquire relevant information about you, but also for you get a better idea of who we are and what types of services we offer. Based on the assessment interview, we will discuss our recommendations with you and, should you decide to enter treatment here, we will work together with you to formulate an initial treatment plan that best fits your schedule and treatment needs without disrupting your work and personal responsibilities. The plan may include individual therapy, group therapy, medication or a combination of these treatments. If you are already involved with an outside therapist and/or prescribing physician we encourage you to continue with these practitioners while participating in treatment here. With your permission, we will gladly communicate with your other caregivers to ensure that the treatment you receive here is optimally coordinated.

Dr. Brottman is a highly skilled pharmacologist. As part of your evaluation, he will assess your existing medication regiment and determine where changes may or may not be needed. 

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