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Moderation Drinking


Dr. Brottman offers help for Executives and Professionals who want to reduce their alcohol consumption to safer levels and avoid the negative consequences. This is not a standard alcoholism treatment program that pressures you to give up drinking forever and attend AA meetings.


  • Glenn Brottman, MD, and his team use a toolbox of research-proven strategies for people who are not physically addicted to alcohol but concerned that their current drinking pattern is harmful to their health, relationships, and/or other important aspects of their life.

  • You can receive help with moderate drinking by attending our weekly Alcohol Moderation Group or by scheduling individual sessions with Dr. Brottman, or both.

Alcohol Moderation Group

These groups will provide you with a variety of immediately actionable strategies and techniques. You will have a unique opportunity to learn and practice how to track your drinking in real time, cut down on your overall alcohol intake, better manage stress and difficult emotions without alcohol, and exert more self-control over when, where, with whom, and how frequently you drink. These groups can serve as a stand-alone treatment or work in parallel with individual therapy, medication, and/or other services you receive here or from outside practitioners.

Group Logistics

  • Group sessions are held once weekly, 75 min, typically 6-8 members

  • Newcomers can join the group at any time

  • Recommended length of participation is 12 weeks or longer

  • Must be at least 21 yo, high-functioning, not physically dependent on alcohol

  • All candidates must have an initial intake interview

  • Individual sessions can be scheduled as a supplement or alternative to the groups

  • All services are self-pay at the time of service. We do not participate in any insurance plans, but our fully-coded statements can be submitted by clients for insurance reimbursement.

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