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Private Substance Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatment for Executives and Professionals

Dr. Glenn Brottman, MD offers a wide range of medical and behavioral treatments for substance abuse, depression, and other mental health issues, all from his convenient location in midtown Manhattan. What sets Dr. Brottman apart from other practices and programs is his ability to provide both medical and behavioral treatments for substance use and psychiatric conditions; he provides treatment services that are coordinated not fractionated; to meet the needs of executives, professionals, and other high-functioning adults looking for personalized confidential care. He provides unique services not readily available in Manhattan or the surrounding area such as outpatient medical detoxification from alcohol, opioids (Percocet, OxyContin), and other drugs.

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The medical and psychiatric services provided by Dr. Glenn Brottman, include psychiatric evaluation, medications to treat anxiety, depression bipolar and other psychiatric disorders, Suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment for opioid dependence,  “Sinclair Method” treatment with naltrexone to facilitate moderate drinking, and outpatient medical detoxification from alcohol, opioids, and other drugs- an alternative to inpatient rehab and hospitalization.

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The behavioral and psychotherapy services offered by Dr. Brottman include comprehensive evaluation, individual psychotherapy for high-functioning adults that support either moderate drinking or maintaining abstinence from all substances. Dr. Brottman also welcomes opportunities to work collaboratively with outside practitioners whose patients come here for specialized treatment while they continue to receive individual therapy, medication, and/or other services from their outside therapist and/or psychiatrist. Many patients find that supplementing the individual therapy they are already receiving from outside practitioners with the specialized group services and/or medication provided here often enhances and accelerates their treatment progress.

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