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Dr. Brottman offers a variety of personalized treatment options for alcohol and other drug abuse, including individual therapy, group therapy, and medication. We work with clients who want to completely stop using alcohol/drugs as well as those who want to learn how to moderate their drinking within safer limits rather than give it up completely.

Our Personalized Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment in Manhattan

We offer individually tailored treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, a unique alternative to traditional “one size fits all” addiction treatment programs. Delivered in well-appointed discreet offices in midtown Manhattan, our substance abuse treatment services are private and absolutely confidential. We provide sophisticated treatment that is tailor-made for executives, professionals, and other high functioning adults with busy schedules and demanding careers. Flexibility, choice, and totally confidentiality are the hallmarks of our clinical approach. We respect our clients’ freedom to choose their own treatment goals and, above all, we place great value on developing a confidential therapeutic partnership with each and every client, seeing this method rather than aggressive confrontation as the best way to motivate and empower change. We offer abstinence-based treatment aimed at helping clients who want to completely stop using alcohol and other drugs. And we offer moderation management and harm reduction for clients who want to learn how to moderate their drinking and reduce the risk of experiencing alcohol-related consequences.

Individual Therapy for Addiction

Most addiction treatment programs provide lots of group counseling but little or no individual therapy.  While we offer many groups, the psychologists working at Compass Psychological Services PLLC know that there is no substitute for the focus and intensity of treatment that only individual therapy can provide. Clients here can receive individual therapy as a stand-alone treatment (if they don’t want or need group therapy) or they may supplement their individual sessions with participation in one or more of our specialized groups. We provide real psychotherapy, not just addiction counseling, delivered by licensed psychologists with professional training and expertise to treat both substance abuse and mental health problems. Many clients come here already engaged in psychotherapy with outside practitioners who may be treating them for issues other than substance abuse. For these clients, the individual therapy we provide here can enhance and accelerate their outside therapy as we focus more specifically on substance-relate issues and relapse prevention.

Psychotherapy for Underlying Issues

Substance abuse is a complex problem. To produce lasting change, treatment must address not only the addictive behavior itself but also the psychological and emotional issues that often are intertwined with and underlie the substance use. If not adequately addressed these issues lie dormant until re-activated by life stressors that stimulate an individual’s desire to self-medicate intolerable feelings/moods with alcohol and drugs. Accordingly, our treatment approach integrates cognitive-behavioral therapy and other behavior change techniques with psychodynamic therapy to resolve underlying and co-existing emotional issues and also, when indicated, psychiatric medication to treat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Our substance abuse treatment services are designed not only to help clients break free of compulsive alcohol/drug use, but also to develop more effective coping skills, work through underlying emotional issues, and thus reduce their relapse potential over the long term–whether they are having problems with alcohol, cocaine, prescription painkillers, heroin, methamphetamine, sedatives, or a combination of substances. We also evaluate and treat clients, when needed, for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric issues. Our treatment options include individual and/or group therapy for people in all stages of recovery including intensive treatment plans for clients who need more structure and support.

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Individual Therapy

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